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pdf splitterPDF files are widely used in a corporate set-up to store files and information in email or any other location of your computer. There are many benefits of going for PDF files, this is because of the less disk space they occupy and facilitates to transfer data without any modification in text, images or structure of the document.

Sometimes PDF files are so large that they cannot be transferred especially the ones with bulk graphics, manuals and date sheets. Most email service providers discard such large documents. In such cases you need to split PDF files into small sized files.

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Split Large PDF through 3-Ways

split pdf filesGo for PDF splitter which helps to manage large files. This is easy-to-use with lightning fast speed desktop utility that helps to split Adobe Acrobat PDF file into smaller files. It is an awesome tool through which you can split large PDF files in three ways:

  • Split PDF by files
  • Split a document into several parts
  • Pull out a range of pages from a large PDF file

The best part is that users can split large PDF files without misplacing the original links. It does not modify the file formatting and original content of the PDF file. This tool works perfectly with password or encrypted protected PDF files. You only have to specify the method in which you want to split PDF files with one mouse click.

Reasons to go for PDF splitter

There are number of reasons for which you do not have to spend money for Adobe Acrobat.

  • 3 flexible split modes
  • Supports drop and drag option
  • Password protected PDF files
  • Independent from other Adobe products
  • Interactive interface, easy-to-use and user-friendly program
  • Compatible with all editions of Windows

Since PDF files are created from other documents they can be bulky. Usually they have different file size with many pages. All you have to do is go for the trial through which you can judge the performance of this tool which will give you best value for your money.

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